Vivienne Westwood Shoes Off Her Shoes

The high priestess of subversive style, Vivienne Westwood, unveiled an exhibition at Selfridges this week, dedicated entirely to her shoe designs. Featuring almost 200 classic Westwood designs, the exhibition entitled Vivienne Westwood Shoes - an Exhibition 1973-2010, is on display in Selfridges permanent arts space, the Ultralounge.

Featured shoes include Westwood’s 1981 Pirate Boots, six-inch heel Mary Janes and the notoriously impossible-to-walk-in Super Elevated Gillie platforms, which probably still keep Naomi Campbell awake at night after her infamous 1993 catwalk fall.

In a video interview with the Telegraph Westwood says ‘shoe design is one of the great things we've got left. Dress design isn't so good, generally speaking. But, you know you break your ankle if people don't design you a proper pair of shoes. They have to be done properly. There's a lot of care and attention goes into shoe design.’

The exhibition runs until 22 September and admission is free, however we defy you to walk through the shoe galleries and not come away with a badly bruised credit card.

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