Vivienne Westwood creates costumes for Vienna State Ballet

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One of the highlights of the new year for classical music lovers is always the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra's New Year's performance.

This year's famed concert will see a film of the Vienna State Ballet perform during the intermission in costumes designed by the Dame of punk and new wave fashion, Vivienne Westwood.

The recently renovated City Palace (Stadtpalais Liechtenstein) will be the setting for both of the Vienna State Ballet’s ballet interludes.

The Vienna State Ballet is directed by Manuel Legris and choreographed again this year by Ashley Page.

Better known for her dramatic and punk designs, for the Vienna State Ballet, Westwood will show designs from her more romantic side.

Dancer Kathrin Menzinger (she was also in the Austrian version of Strictly come dancing) will be waltzing wearing a customized version of Westwood’s silk taffeta Moon dress – which appeared in Westwood’s spring 2014 Gold Label show – while her partner Vadim Garbuzov will be in a black double-breasted jacket and silk pants.

The other costumes will include a re-designed asymmetrical Bird Of Paradisegown in deep burgundy with bow and tulle underlay and inspired by the looks in the designer’s Spring 2005 collection.

There wil also be the Bronze SOL dress that features a check and stripe taffeta bodice and skirt with a pale grey and white tulle underlay inspired by the Autumn-Winter 2005/06 collection, and the Dame Corset which is inspired by the Autumn-Winter 2006/07 collection.

Bustiers and tartan mini kilts will also be seen on the dancers who will be performing the polka.

Andreas Kronthaler, (Vivienne's husband and born in Austria) creative director of the firm told WWD : "I feel honored that we were asked to design the costumes for the New Year's Concert ballet, as it holds such tradition for me. I grew up watching [it] every year, and it's become part of my Christmas memories."

This is not the first time that Westwood has collaborated with a ballet company – last January the designer helped in the rebrand of the English National Ballet with her couture designs for the their 2013 Spring season campaign.

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