Vivienne Westood for The Sun

We always leave wrapping presents to the last minute here at FashionJunkie, and inevitable they end up looking...shall we say...less than chic. So thank heavens for Britain's queen of style, Vivienne Westwood, who has designed a very special Christmas wrapping paper exclusively for the Sun!

The design came free in yesterday's issue of the Sun, and judging by the photos on the popular tabloid's website it was very well received by readers. The paper was used to wrap bicycles, phone boxes and more conventionally - presents. The stylish design was inspired by Christmas fairytales, and featured the words 'Prince Charming' emblazoned across it, along with a crown and love heart.

The bad news of course is that you'll be hard pushed to find a copy today, but you could always try nipping down to your local newsagent and begging politely? We daresay this is one sheet of christmas wrapping that you won't want to throw away on Christmas day!

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