Virtual scissorhands

It's a familiar story to many - you're bored of your hair, you're feeling brave, you take a pair of scissors, make some minor 'alterations' and hey presto - you've got a hairdressing disaster on your hands. Well that may all become a distant memory as a new Wii game has been released which lets would-be stylists chop, feather, shave and blow dry in a virtual salon, thus removing the chances of any real-life mishaps.

Developed by hair salon Redken, Busy Scissors is a hair styling simulation video game for Nintendo Wii which lets players compete for the position of top hairdresser in a Hollywood-based salon. As the hairdresser, it is your job to 'unlock' your clients inner potential by finding their perfect outward style. Redken's senior director of interactive, Rachel Weiss, says: 'We are excited to share the behind-the-scenes salon professional experience with our clients via Busy Scissors. Busy Scissors is a new way for consumers to connect and engage with Redken by allowing them to interact directly with Redken products in the virtual salon.'

As non-video-game-types we were skeptical about how much appeal this would really have. But then we saw the trailer and quickly changed our tune. This could easily become an addiction!

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