A sexy vintage style dress to suit your shape

What do you look for in a sexy vintage style dress? How about one that enhances your figure, distracts the eye from your weak spots and draws attention to your assets? We can help!

Pear - you have a slender and perhaps elongated torso, a small bust and proportionally larger hips and thighs. An a-line skirt or empire waistline will de-emphasise the lower half of your body. Padded shoulders will add balance, as will a two tone dress with a darker colour below the waist. Avoid cocktail dresses with a tight, straight skirt. Use jewellery and interesting necklines to emphasise the upper body.

Hour Glass - you have a small waste with proportionally large bust and hips. Lucky you! An hour glass figure looks fabulous in a sexy cocktail dress. Looser fitting dresses will give a smoother fit and subtly emphasis your curves. A monochrome dress is a good choice because it adds continuity to your voluptuous frame.

Straight - you have a boyish figure with few curves from the shoulders to the hips. A wrap cocktail dress will add definition at the waist. Wear a statement belt at the waist. Avoid boxy jackets.

Round - your body is larger than average, but your lower legs may be slender. Many online shops stock gorgeous plus size cocktail dresses, so there's no need to compromise on style! Choose a soft material that will drape rather than cling. Emphasise your bust with a V-shaped neckline and wear statement shoes to draw attention to your lower legs. Remember that the old adage is true - dark colours are slimming.

Inverted Triangle - you have broad shoulders and a narrow waistline. Opt for a dress with a flared skirt. Asymmetrical hem lines work well with this body shape.


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