Where to Find a Vintage Scarf for Your Winter Wardrobe

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There is no easier way to accent or pull an outfit together than with a vintage scarf. Scarves are the perfect accessories. You can drape them around the neck and on the shoulders to dress up an ensemble or wear them around the head or in the hair for a smart chic look. Whatever way you want to wear it, finding the right vintage scarves to go with your style and personality is a must. Check out these shops to find the right fit for your fashion taste.

Retro Vintage Scarf

Steptoes Dog is the perfect place for retro, antique, and vintage clothing. Their online shop at Steptoesantiques.co.uk offers a large selection of vintage scarves from the 1920’s all the way up to the 1980’s.

Finding just one vintage scarf to take home could be tough considering the dozens of design choices in silk, chiffon, toile, rayon, and other quality materials. But you can walk away quite happy with choices such as a 1940’s Chintz Floral Scarf for £16.50 or a 1950’s Pink Chiffon Vintage Scarf for £14.

True Vintage Scarf

At Rokit, true vintage clothing is the only way to go. They carry a fantastic selection of vintage scarves in various shapes, patterns, and prints. The collection even includes illustrated designs by Cleo Fenn Mercury.

Choices such as an Elizabeth Arden colourful vintage scarf for £15 and a Shirani beaded scarf for £25 are just a sample of the different styles and eras you can find at Rokoit.co.uk.

The Devil Wears a Vintage Scarf

Everyone remembers poor Anne Hathaway’s character terrorised by her Hermes wearing monster boss. Whilst her boss wasn’t happy with anything except her trademark signature white scarf, everyone else can celebrate in vintage Hermes silk scarves.

Rennies shop at Rennart.co.uk carries a lovely selection of vintage Hermes scarves to enjoy. Choices include the pink Jeux de Paille, the classic Eperons D’Or, and the legendary Quadrige as well as many others at various prices.

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