Where to buy a vintage motorcycle jacket

Nothing says style like vintage clothing and as trends come back into fashion on a regular basis, buying vintage can ensure you're on trend without having to break the bank.

You can find a great selection of vintage motorcycle jacket from the sites below;

  • rokit.co.uk
  • atomretro.com
  • devoted2vintage.co.uk
  • soulrevolver.com
  • lyleandscott.com

The jackets range in price from £30 to £250 depending on their condition, label and material. Also be aware that vintage items won't be available in every size like jackets on the high street are. They will stock a limited range of sizes for each item, and due to their age these garment may fit differently to the sizes you are used to wearing now.

If you don't fancy buying online for these reasons you could instead go down the second hand route. There are a number of independent vintage stores across the UK that stock all sorts of vintage items, including motorcycle jackets. The great thing about popping into one of these shops is that you can try the clothes on before you buy, ensuring that you're happy with the jackets fit.

If you are looking for a vintage motorcycle jacket, there are two options available to you. You can buy leather or imitation leather. The imitation leather won't cost as much but also won't age as well. As you're buying a vintage item you should really think about the quality you're looking for, especially if you are buying online. If you decide to go down the cheaper imitation leather route, buy these jackets from a store where they cn be physically seen and examined, or buy from a site that accept refunds if you aren't pleased with the item.

Happy Shopping!

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