Where to buy vintage lingerie

Vintage lingerie can look absolutely divine on a woman, it is sexy and sleek without looking cheap which some modern underwear can do.

Check out these great sites for some of the best places to buy vintage lingerie online.

What Katie Did (whatkatiedid.com) is a vintage lingerie boutique store that offers everything from fully fashioned stockings, girdles, corsets and bullet bras.

The unique thing about this site is they design and manufacture all the garments themselves giving them that really special touch, they go out of their way to ensure you are getting the perfect size and fit so there will be no need for returns.

They love vintage glamour and believe every woman should be able in indulge themselves and experience great quality products for very reasonable prices.

Pixxi (pixxi.com) offers you the opportunity to buy vintage inspired, genuine or bridal boudouir pieces of vintage lingerie and accessories.

The store is run and owned by Jeni Dodson a qualified international make up artist that has worked with a whole host of celebs and models. This woman knows how to make women fell their absolute best.

She even has a men's guide section to help all those guys out there looking to buy for their ladies and she offers great advice and tips on how to make the perfect choice for your partner.

Her peices have featured a number of times in the press for you magazine, wedding magazines and publications plus many many more...

You will not be disappointed by the amazing luxurious quality of her garments!

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