Where to find the perfect vintage leather bag.

Leather bags are hardwearing and also look fabulous. A high quality vintage leather bag is a great investment piece which, with care and attention, should last you for many years. Let's take a look at where to buy lovely leather bags to help you find the right vintage piece for you.

Based in London, Rokit is one of the leading vintage stores in the UK. Rokit also has an online outlet (Rokit.co.uk) where you'll find some of the best pieces which the store has to offer. Rokit is a goldmine if you're looking for eclectic vintage leather handbags at affordable prices. Hot picks from this specialist vintage and retro store include the Brown Leather Vintage Handbag in a classic doctor's bag-style shape. This attractive and roomy vintage leather handbag has a secure snap-fastening clasp and is perfect for everyday used. Priced at just £45.00 this beautiful brown leather handbag is in excellent condition, making it a solid investment piece.

If you love vintage fashion then log onto the ASOS Marketplace (Marketplace.asos.com) where you'll find a great range of products from a huge number of web-based sellers. Top choices from the ASOS Marketplace include the Vintage Leather Satchel bag, from Marketplace trader Rainandshine. Dating from the 1970s, this bag has a soft, worn-in look but is sturdy enough for everyday use and is a bargain at just £35.00.

Online antique, retro and vintage store Scaramanga (Scaramanga.co.uk) is a great place to go for old leather goods. The store has some fantastic travel items including vintage handbags and holdalls. Amongst the favourites at Scaramanga is the Large Vintage Flight Bag. This stylish satchel style bag is inspired by 1970s travel luggage and is priced at £77.50. Larger than the average handbag, Scaramanga's Large Vintage Flight Bag has space for your laptop, as well as books and files, making it the perfect choice for work, school or college.


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