Your guide to buying the best vintage leather jackets

There is something timeless about a vintage leather jacket which makes it always stylish. Depending on what you team your jacket with, you can achieve a ‘tough chic’ look or more of an ‘urban tailored’ effect. One of the more popular ways to wear vintage leather jackets this summer has been layered over a floaty summer dress, with either ballerina pumps or cute ankle boots. Wearing vintage leather with an ultra-feminine garment like this is a great way to balance out your look and stop the overall effect becoming too ‘hard’.

A great website to check out the different styles of vintageleather jacket out there and determine which might suit you best is Blue MoonLeathers – www.bluemoonleathers.co.uk. Would a neat biker jacket style work best for you? A funky bomber jacket to pair with your skinniest jeans? Or perhaps a belted three-quarter length in the softest vintage leather would be more suitable for your wardrobe?

Described as a ‘goldmine of vintage treasures’, Rokit (www.rokit.co.uk) has four stores in London and is certainly worth a look if you are willing to pound the pavements in search of your perfect vintage jacket.

It’s important to remember that vintage leather is an investment buy and so it is worth spending as much as you can afford for a garment that will last you a lifetime.

Depending on how you care for your jacket it should only improve with age. If you are on a tight budget, try scouting around in your local charity shops, Oxfam is one of the best. Check their website to find the nearest one to you – www.oxfam.co.uk.

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