Finding the Perfect Vintage Hair Accessory

A vintage hair accessory can add a special touch to an outfit. Vintage means anything that appears to be old, old fashioned, classic or traditional. Many people harken back to the ‘old days’ of the 30s and 40s. Women typically wore hair accessories to keep hair neat. Today they are more for decoration.

Finding Vintage Accessories in Stores

Most any store that sells hair clips, barrettes, hair nets, or headbands will have something that will fit the category of vintage. Clothing boutiques often carry jewellery and accessories for the hair. You can find inexpensive vintage-looking hair accessories at major discount stores such as Boots or ASDA, and at mall shops like Claire’s Accessories and Forever 21. You will find accessories that are more expensive in department stores such as Harrods, John Lewis, which features a selection of Monet vintage-style hair combs, and Debenhams that has some lovely Diamanté vintage hair accessories.

Shopping Online

There are online shops where you’ll find vintage-style accessories for the hair. Quite a few of them are bridal outlets and these are of the highest quality and usually handmade. A few of the less expensive websites are pretty-pieces.co.uk, crystalprincess.co.uk, glitzysecrets.com and the-jules-touch.com in West Yorkshire that offers beautiful handmade fabric Alice headbands.

Other sites to check are chezbec.com, flutterbyweddings.co.uk, vintagebridaljewellery.co.uk, weddingaccessories.co.uk, and vintagehairaccessories.co.uk.

Prices to Expect

The price you will pay is going to depend on where you buy your vintage-style hair accessory and the larger retailers will have the less expensive prices. Here are some of the prices that we encountered.

  • BaByliss vintage blue slide comb: £4.39
  • 2 pack tear drop vintage slides: £4.49
  • Handmade satin rose Alice headbands: £19.99
  • Vintage floral pearl and crystal hair comb: £28.00
  • Vintage pearl and crystal clip: £26.00
  • Aphrodite vintage Diamanté hair comb: £78.00
  • Headband Swarovski crystals freshwater pearls: £175.00

You have a lot of choice when looking for hair accessories and something that is brand new can still look old fashioned and be worn as a lovely vintage hair accessory.

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