Hunt down the best in vintage evening bags in the UK

Regardless of what your sense of style is, there is no doubt that everyone can appreciate some of the more elegant vintage accessories from the past sixty or seventy years or so. Whether it's got that sixties flair, or is a more subdued, functional article from the war time era, there is beauty to be seen in all forms of vintage bags.

However it can often be tough to track down stores who sell these classic pieces for reasonable prices. Unless you're a keen frequenter of auctions and garage sales your chances to pick up hidden treasures will most likely be quite limited.

Fortunately there are many stores available online that specialise in carrying vintage evening bags in the UK, often for prices you won't in traditional vintage stores.

One such example is the excellent mother and daughter run Stardust. Located at www.stardustonline.co.uk, this site has a huge range of vintage clothing and accessories from various decades gone by. Whatever you're looking for in a vintage evening bag, they're sure to have something that'll catch your eye.

Some of our favourite pieces available on the site include the Black 1940s Dofan Evening Bag with Rhinestones, available for £60.00. This bag is made from sold black felt, and features one carrying handle and a gorgeous rhinestone encrusted clasp. It is every bit as elegant and gorgeous as it is sophisticated, and it comes in excellent condition with few signs of ware, and only the inside zip tag missing from the original form.

For more bargains like this, be sure to check out Stardust today.

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