Here are a few tips on where to find the best shops for vintage dress patterns.

Fashion trends are constantly changing and if the latest trends are not your cup of tea, finding clothes in your preferred style can be very hard. So if you are finding it increasingly difficult to get dresses in the style you want and are handy with a sewing needle, we would recommend taking a look at some of the fabulous vintage dress patterns that are available on the internet. By making your own dress not only will you be saving plenty of money, but you are guaranteed a dress that will be tailor made to suit your figure So let’s that a look at what vintage dress patterns can be found on line.

One site we can recommend is www.sew-retro.com, this site holds patterns stretching all the way back to the 1920’s. However it’s not just vintage dress patterns that this site deals in. They also hold patterns for children’s and menswear as well as aprons and lingerie, making it a truly great site for anyone that may be handy with a needle. Their prices are very reasonable as well with most designs costing between £10 and £30.

Alternatively check out www.sovintagepatterns.com. This site offers vintage patterns from a wide array of eras, however they specialise in patterns from the big band glory days of the 1940’s and 50’s. So if this is the style for you we cannot recommend this site highly enough, as they hold patterns from such famed dress makers as Vogue, DuBarry, Modes Royale and Spadea. Their pricings are usually between the 30 and 50 dollar mark.

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