The best places to buy vintage christmas wrapping paper

Everyone loves the traditional and old feeling of vintage and retro items. They always have an air of the past about them and usually give off this feeling that they have a story to tell.

Vintage christmas wrapping paper is a great way to show you want to put that little extra back in to christmas and bring back the older traditional qualities that christmas is all about!

Maybe your just a sentimental person at heart or perhaps you just love everything VINTAGE whatever your reason check out these sites to find the best places to buy that vintage christmas wrapping paper.


Etsy (etsy.com) is a really unique little site that wants to change the way people shop and the way the global economy works.

They want commerce to be more fun and for their to be real heart behind each purchase.

On Etsy their is plenty of choice for vintage christmas wrapping paper. With prices starting from £0.94 you can find a real bargain!

All products are sold by independent sellers who have put real love and thought in to the products they are offering.

You can also get hold of vintage christmas tags for your gifts and stickers so you can go for a full on vintage christmas!

A Retro Christmas

This site (aretrochristmas.com) literally sells everything you could ever want to make your christmas a retro one so you will be sure to find vintage christmas wrapping paper here!

Their site does all the hard work by sourcing all things vintage from eBay (ebay.co.uk) and puts them all in one place so you can easily find them in a hurry.

What more could you ask for!

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