Where To Find Great Vintage Clothing and Accessories

Vintage clothing and accessories are great because they allow you to dress on trend whilst rehousing someone's unwanted items. Vintage clothing is any item of clothing that was made an worn in a previous era. The label of vintage clothing and accessories can be applied to most items from the 1920's through to the 1980's. Any clothes and accessories made prior to these decades are classed as antique items.

Vintage items have become more fashionable recently as more designers have begun harking back to their previous designs and more and more celebrities have started to wear designer dresses and items to fashion and award shows. Buying these vintage items also carries an added incentive, it's very unlikely that your friends will have the same items. Shops bring out their new lines of vintage inspired items and have them immediately snapped up by fashion conscious buyers, who will inevitably bump into each other wearing the same shoes or carrying the same handbag. You can be on trend whilst remaining an individual when shop for vintage items.

You can find vintage items in specialist vintage shops and second shops around the UK. The only problem is that you may find your perfect vintage clothing item, but find it in the wrong size. If this is the case, don't despair you could always have your item resized or use the fabric to make something completely different. If you really fancy buying a vintage item, expect to spend an entire day trawling through the racks of your chosen shops, vintage shopping can be so much fun. Don't think that you have to dress head to toe in vintage clothing either. You can dress up an outfit with a vintage ring or wear a vintage scarf or simply carry a vintage handbag to style up your outfit.

If you don't fancy a trip around town,you can also find some great vintage clothing online, eBay is one of the biggest auction sites in the world and you'll always be able to find someone selling some of their vintage items. The following sites are also excellent outlets for vintage clothing - devoted2vintage.co.uk and lovemissdaisy.com.

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