Victoria's Secret 2013 Flawless collection

Victoria's Secret has launched their newest 'Flawless' lingerie collection for this summer 2013.

The American lingerie brand Flawless campaign is tagged Feel Naked. Look Flawless is fronted by Candice Swanpoel and Doutzen Kroes who show off the new styles in the line.

The newest collection offers subtle support, but is so incredibly lightweight that you won’t even feel like your are wearing lingerie, and the bra and panties are invisible under your clothes so there are no ugly lines if you wear tight or clingy clothing.

The bras in the Flawless line come in two models: a classic demi bra, and the very versatile multi-way bra.

The multi-way model has fully adjustable and removable straps so it can be worn in the usual classic manner, but also worn either crossback, halter, one strap or strapless. This bra is the ultimate wear-with-everything and unites style and femininity with overall comfort.

The multi-way bra features light padding and underwire cups and comes in six different colors, from the always glamorous black, to virginal white, but also a lovely blush pink or hot coral.

There are also two prints, a very chic nude paisley, and for those who are like their lingerie slightly more sexier and aggressive looking, there’s a marvelous leopard print.

The low cut demi bra which is made for revealing necklines comes in nine colors, the same solid colors and the two prints of the multi-way bra, with the addition of three different two-tone shades.

One is called Sunset Glow over Sugar Baby that is a sweet summery mix between pink and coral, then there’s Black over Evening Blush, and a romantic Ivory over Sugar baby. These bras feature the same light padding and underwire cups and have a metal charm and center front bow.

Both models have a size range that goes from 32B to 38DDD and you’ll also find matching hiphugger panties or thongs to match the bra colors.

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