Victoria's designer Christmas present

Victoria Beckham has designed a luxury bag for the now famous Selfridges Christmas display. However, if you were excitedly saving your pennies in order to purchase this item, you might be in for a shock. The bag costs a staggering £8,000 and is made using crocodile skin. Yep, expect to be pelted with tomatoes by angry protesters wherever you take your new designer swag.

Selfridges' chief buyer told The Daily Mail, 'Our buyers have worked hard throughout the year to ensure this year's Christmas collection is packed full of products to inspire and surprise our customers who travel from around the world to visit our store at this special time of year.'

But charity Peta aren't happy with Posh's love of exotic reptile skins, saying, 'We appreciate Ms. Beckham's rejection of fur and have approached her - 100 per cent respectfully - over the suffering of lizards and other reptiles who are often skinned alive for fashion.'

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