Victoria Beckham to design Kate Middleton's maternity wardrobe

Kate Middleton will need a completely new wardrobe very soon. As we all know the Duchess is pregnant with her first baby and in the next few months all of her clothes will need to be replaced with comfy maternity garments. So who will be the designer in charge for such an exclusive task? According to the latest rumours, it should be celebrity royalty Victoria Beckham.

In recent years the former Spice Girl has built a certain credibility within the fashion industry, both as a designer and as a fashionista - she's one of the most elegant women in the world. Her passion for the haute-couture started back in the Nineties, at the time of her singing career, when the other members of the group nicknamed her Posh Spice. Her collections have been praised by many designers and she built an army of supporters among celebrities and Hollywood stars.

Mrs. Beckham is not just a successful business woman, she is also a devoted wife to her husband David and a dedicated mother to her four children: Brooklyn Joseph Beckham, Romeo James Beckham, who recently made his début as a model for Burberry, Cruz David Beckham and Harper Seven Beckham, the only girl and latest addition to the family.

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No wonder Kate has full admiration for Victoria and for what she achieved. According to a source the Duchess “wants to be a hands-on, hard-working mum and wants to know how Victoria makes the whole thing look so effortless.” On the other hand Posh has been heard saying she would be delighted to help Kate through her pregnancy and to share the wisdom gained from her four pregnancies.

It seems Victoria Beckham will have to adjust her collection in order to accommodate Kate's growing bump. She'll be working on the Duchess new wardrobe step by step for the next six months of pregnancy. No official statements have been made either from Middleton or Mrs. Beckham, but it shouldn't take too long for more juicy news!

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL "Victoria Beckham Spring 2013 collection" Photo Gallery

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