Victoria Beckham Releases Fashion Film

We loved her in the movie Spice World, so we’re very excited to announce that Posh will be making a return to the medium of film, only this time it’ll be an altogether more grown up affair.

Victoria Beckham has launched her own fashion film exclusively through Vogue.com, which shows never-seen-before catwalk footage of her new autumn/winter 2010 collection.

Victoria told Vogue ‘Film has been a focal point for me in the development of my brand. It is a perfect way to interact with my customers. My latest film in conjunction with my autumn/winter 2010 collections, shows both catwalk and backstage footage. This film is part of a programme of brand virals that give a unique and intimate perspective on each collection and category.’

With a British Fashion Award nomination under her belt, Victoria is preparing to show her collection at New York Fashion Week and has been tweeting excitedly about the build-up. She told followers last week ‘Finally!! Leaving for UK tomorrow Airport is my runway!!! Can't wait for fashion week! In love and light x VB’. We don’t really know what the sign off means, but it sure does sound nice.

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