Victoria Beckham Denim 2010

Victoria Beckham Denim 2010 collection launches next summer and as per most fashion touched by Posh, it's schmoking.

Check out pictures of the VBD 2010 collection

Drawing inspiration from the 70s, the look is androgynous-chic. Cigarette jeans verge on leggings. Denims are washed in shades of beige, light grey and blue. Pretty studs and tassles give the collection a feminine feel. Jackets, waistcoats, shorts, skirts and denim dresses feature.

The jeans cost a very reasonable £140. Elle Macpherson, Eva Longoria, Blake Lively, Drew Barrymore and of course Lady B are already sporting theirs.

Big thumbs up Vicky. Now roll on the summer....

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