Alexa Chung new face of Vero Moda

No one can deny that Alexa Chung is one of the most influential figures in British fashion. But it was a little surprising to learn that she had been recruited as the new face of Danish brand Vero Moda - a brand famed its classic and feminine styles rather than the quirky and hip looks favoured by Chung.

However, photos from the first shoot have now been released, and they look promising. Shot in a classic New York apartment, the campaign images are classic Chung style - peter pan collars, knee-high socks and polka dot skirts feature in one image.

Vero Moda announced: "We chose Alexa Chung to make a statement for Vero Moda. She is an extremely fashion conscious woman and will surely provide extra focus on Vero Moda’s trend styles. We know that Alexa is the perfect choice for Vero Moda, and we feel certain that the collaboration will take Vero Moda to a higher level and provide our brand with an added value since she is more than just any model and appeals perfectly to our target group. We feel honoured and complimented and are looking very much forward to our collaboration."

They describe Alexa as "Quirky, cool and fashionable... a true fashion icon for every fashion-loving girl around the world... When Alexa Chung is not modelling for Vero Moda, she works as a TV-presenter, cover-model, fashion columnist and so many other amazing things that most of us can only dream about."

The "collaboration" will hit the high street (and veromoda.com) within the next two weeks. Orders placed online are dispatched within 24 hours.

Katja Hundrup, International PR for Vero Moda, praised the television presenter: "Alexa Chung is an inspiring woman to work with," she said. "She knows her fashion references and is able to combine high-end designer items with high street and vintage in a unique way, putting personality into whatever she wears."

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