Vans snow boots - what you need to know



Vans has been a popular skate boarding brand for several decades, having been founded in 1966. The brand is still going strong today with new shoe designs and watches being produced regularly, and the technology behind the skate and snow products being developed constantly. Vans also boasts one of the strongest professional skate and snow teams with names such as Geoff Rowley and Tony Trujillo.


Vans snow boots


Vans have developed a range of snow boots for men, women and children. The designs incorporate a variety of features such as a thermal liner to keep the feet warm, a shaped foot bed to support the arch of the foot, and a flexible sole to allow for ease of movement. Above all the boots are designed to be lightweight but hard wearing. The Vans Celtek X also includes a feature in which the laces are divided into sections to allow the wearer to easily adjust the tension in the boot while it is on the foot. Other designs have different closures. Vans snow boots also include the “pleasure cuff” which allows the fit of the boot to be altered to fit all calf sizes.


Where to get them


Vans snow boots are available in a variety of retailers. Surfdome (www.surfdome.com) stocks the products through its website, as does The Board Basement (www.theboardbasement.com). Boardwise (www.boardwise.com), extremepie.com and bargainboards.co.uk are other online retailers. To buy Vans snow boots in store, head to The Snowboard Asylum. They have 13 stores throughout the UK and also a website (www.snowboard-asylum.com).

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