Vans shoes - what you need to know



The Vans brand began in 1966 and has been one of the most popular skate boarding brands ever since. As well as footwear and accessories for skating, Vans produces clothing and equipment for snow sports, with new designs and updated technology being brought out all the time. Vans currently has an incredibly strong skate and snow team, with professional names such as Geoff Rowley and Tony Trujillo on the books.


Vans shoes


Vans has developed a range of comfortable but hard wearing shoes designed with skaters in mind. They come in a variety of colours and patterns, with some classic hi-top styles which offer more support around the ankle. All Vans shoes are created with the vulcanised rubber sole and trademark "waffle" pattern on the bottom of the shoe. This allows for grip and flexibility without being heavy or hindering the performance of the wearer. The lace up designs are well padded with a thick tongue to protect the foot whereas the classic slip on designs (such as the shoe with the checkerboard pattern) has a slimmer look and feel.


Where to get them


Vans shoes are widely available both online and in store. High street shop Office stocks Vans shoes in their stores throughout the UK and you can also order online at www.office.co.uk. The same goes for Schuh (www.schuh.co.uk) and tReds (www.treds.co.uk), which has 25 stores throughout the Midlands and south of the UK. Online retailers include Hardcloud (www.hardcloud.com), Cloggs (www.cloggs.co.uk) and blackleaf.com.

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