We check out the latest Vanda Francis handbags

With summer fast approaching and the opportunity to get dressed up in the latest season's fashions just around the corner, there is no better time to get your accessory wardrobe up to speed with the very latest designs. Whether you're looking for a bargain or just something that little bit special to accentuate that new outfit you just bought, you're bound to find exactly what you're looking for with a Vanda Francis handbag.

Available from a wide range of online retailers, Vanda Francis handbags not only represent great value for money (although they are quite a bit more expensive than your typical "budget" ranges of handbags) but also some of the most stylish offerings around right now.

www.jewellerys4u.com has a great offer at the moment on a stunning one hundred per cent genuine leather Vanda Francis handbag in a beautiful sheen finish. In beautiful brown, this bag offers an excellent all round solution whether you're looking for smart, casual or just something a little fun.

Those of you who frequent TK Maxx in search of a real bargain will no doubt be familiar with the Vanda Francis brand, as the designer is a regular feature at the store. On the TK Maxx website, located at www.tkmaxx.com, right now you can choose from a several gorgeous Vanda Francis designs at knock down prices.

Undoubtedly our favourite is the the gorgeous brown Sequin Detail Bag, which measures 25x32x10 centimetres, coming in a striking brown leather with intricate sequin detail on the panels. Originally priced at £188, it can be yours now for just £64.99.


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