Value bikinis means more money without cutting back on fashion!

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Value bikinis are more of a reality today than ever before. Online shopping sites such as eBay offer brand new bikinis from as little as £4.99 with postage charges starting at only £2.75 within the UK. Always keep the postage charges in mind if you're shopping online because a lot of sellers ship internationally and the postage might not be as cheap as you think. Another safety measure is to ony use sites that accept payment by Paypal as that`way you can claim reimbursement if the product fails to arrive or is damaged in transit. EBay sellers are rated by the feedback that they receive on their previous transactions so if the score is low, reconsider buying from that person.

The vast majority of stores have their own websites where you can browse through their online catalogue and check out their various special offers. Marks and Spencers have a basic bikini for only £12.50 which comprises of £7.50 for the halterneck top and £5 for the matching bottoms.

The high street chains also have extremely good reductions on many of their swimwear lines which means a visit to River Island could see you bag one of their neon ruffled bikinis for around £12 for both top and bottoms which is a saving of more than half of the original retail price.

The ultimate in value for money is going to be found in Primark where you can buy a bikini set for only a fiver and thats before they add on their seasonal reductions! One in every colour please!

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