Update your wardrobe for a quick fashion boost

The bedroom closet is like a dirty little secret. Everything you ever loved and hated about fashion is stuck, hidden, and sometimes forgotten about in there. Now it is time to come clean and use what you have, ditch what you hate, and update your wardrobe like a pro. Find out what to keep, what to throw and what you absolutely must have to stay trendy year after year.

Let the skeletons out of the closet

Everyone has some fashion skeletons in their closet. Maybe a blazer with shoulder pads or parachute pants still worn when no one is around - whatever your skeleton is; it is time to purge it.

The easiest way update your wardrobe is to empty the whole closet. Go through your wardrobe piece by piece. Ditch anything that does not fit right. If you cannot remember the last time you wore it, bin it. Anything you absolutely hate, throw it. Never keep something just because it is trendy and fashionable: if you hate it, you will never wear it.

Organise What’s Left

Now that you have gotten rid of everything you don’t wear, there is lots of new space in your closet to fill up. Start organising the pieces you do wear by arranging them by types and colours. All skirts together, blouses, blazers, etc.

Inventory the Staples

There are certain staples every closet needs that never go out of style and can be mixed and matched with new trends easily.

A crisp white tailored shirt – White never goes out of style and a crisp white tailored shirt goes with everything. It can be paired with a pencil skirt, a pair of black trousers or your favourite jeans easily.

Four types of trousers – The top you wear is noticed most, so you really only need four types of trousers.

  • Black trousers – Perfectly go from day to night when paired with the right top and accessories.
  • Tan pants – Try baggy or khaki styles for casual days and relaxed looks.
  • Classic cut jeans – A pair of dark washed jeans goes with everything. Great for casual wear with trainers or a sexy look with heels or boots.
  • Your favourite trousers – Choose a pair you absolutely love. It doesn’t matter what style, colour or material they are as long as they are trendy.

A little black dress – Dress styles come and go, but the LBD is always in style. To keep it updated, accessorise with the latest accessories and trends, like a cropped jacket or little cardigan with the right purse and heels.

The right shoes – The right pair of shoes can transfer an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary in seconds. Every closet needs a pair of trainers, strappy heels, ballet flats, and a pair of boots. Choose boots that go with your style, heeled, wedged or flat all update an outfit easily.

What to Invest in

With all that extra space in your closet since the purge, you can now add a few new pieces to make sure you update your wardrobe right.

Invest in a nice scarf – A scarf is a perfect accessory. In the summer, it can be a headband, in the autumn around the neck, in the winter as a wrap and in the spring as a belt on a solid coloured dress. Choose a scarf with a design and colour you love and play with it all year round.

Sweater dress – A sweater dress is fun, sexy, cute, and trendy no matter what year it is. It can be paired with hose, leggings, and skinny jeans with flats or boots. You also have the choice of long sleeved or short, so have fun with it.

A trendy handbag – A handbag can make or break an outfit. It can also add colour, be your signature piece, or be that one accessory that pulls everything together.

If it is your signature piece, don’t skimp on quality or price. Choose something that represents you. If you need to add colour to an outfit, choose a handbag in a bold colour.

Don’t Get Lost in Trends

It is too easy to overflow the closet with the latest trends just to keep up with your mates. Remember, just because it is trendy doesn’t mean it is right for you. Update your wardrobe every six months by purging your closet of everything you don’t want or hate. Keeping the basics on hand and only choosing a few of the trends you really like will have you stepping out in style, without getting lost in your closet.

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