unusual going out dresses - it's good to be different!

Unusual going out dresses can be hard to find. No one can underestimate the importance of knowing that no one else will turn up to an event wearing the same outfit as you!

Sometimes buying a whole new outfit is unnecessary as you can customise clothes that you already have by adding diamanté, fur detail or even putting in lace or mesh inserts! If you're any way good with needlework then you can simply pay a trip to your local vintage store, pay very little for a plain dress and then add your own touches to it. This guarantees that your outfit is 100% original!

If you're looking to buy an unusual dress than have a look online at possessthedress.co.uk where you can look through the catalogues from stores such as Lipsy, Rare, Quiz and John Lewis.

If you visit the Rare online shop, not only do they have items on special offer but they also offer free home delivery on all orders over £50 . The Paprika section offers dresses at a very recession friendly price. The key to an unusual outfit is to keep either the dress or the accessories simple so that it doesn't look like an over load of trends. You could buy an elasticated sleeve dress for only £24 and then add your own touches like corsages, oversized scarves or headbands which would make the dress look totally different each time that you wore it.

There is also a one shoulder chiffon dress by Paprika for only £28 which is unusual in itself because the print is so noticeable.

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