Show off your patriotism with these Union Jack shorts for men

If you're the type who takes pride in his nationality then you will probably be interested in kitting yourself out in a pair of stylish Union Jack boxer shorts for men. Despite the fact that they're not exactly going to be on show to the world (at least we should hope not!) you'll be safe in the knowledge that you're doing your bit for queen and country by proudly declaring your allegiance beneath your trousers!

Okay so maybe things aren't quite as important as that when it comes to the design on your boxers, but nevertheless there are many people who find the Union Jack design quite appealing, and enjoy wearing it wherever possible.

Obviously for some jobs and trades that's not possible, so why not make up for it with a pair of Union Jack boxer shorts for men from one of the various online retailers of Union Jack branded clothing.

We would recommend you take a look at the excellently priced Crest of London, who specialise in British flavoured gifts and novelty items for tourists and patriots alike on their website located at www.crestoflondon.co.uk. You can pick up a pair of stylish two button boxers for just £6.99, with delivery extra, depending on where you're ordering for.

Alternatively, you could try www.unionjackwear.co.uk who, unsurprisingly, specialise in clothing bearing the Union Jack. They've got quite a bit of variety on offer, including a three pack of Union Jack boxers for just £10.97, or a three pack of Union Jack thongs for the lady in your life costing just £3.85.

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