Ungaro gives Lindsey the heave Lo

We wish we could say we were surprised... Lindsay Lohan, who last season was appointed 'Co Creative Director' at Ungaro (despite having as much experience designing clothes as well, any other celeb who's taken on for their name and status) has been dramatically ditched. When the owner of Ungaro, Asim Abdullah was quizzed backstage at their Paris Fashion week showing, he told US magazine Women's Wear Daily: ‘she's not involved in this collection.'

Lindsay had toiled on the spring/summer collection with head designer Estrella Archs, though the clothes were widely panned by the fashion world. In fact, even Mr Ungaro dubbed it 'a disaster'.

Poor Linds, there's always New Look, they'll collaborate with any old C- lister. Just ask Pixie Geldof...

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