Un-Dior pressure at Dior Homme

Of all the pressurised jobs in fashion, working at the house of Dior must rank as one of the stressiest. Chief designer Galliano is off making peace with his demons in rehab, while Kris Van Assche is at the helm of Dior Homme, and has discussed with Vogue the trials and tribulations of life at the company.

Van Assche told Vogue, 'I first worked here as an assistant for six years before I started doing my own label. And then after three years, they called me to come back to Dior, so I knew what I was getting into. Usually when people take over an old house, or a line, it's because it's almost dead. But that was not the case at Dior. I was taking over a success story [from Hedi Slimane], which is really tough to do, because nobody wants you to do the same thing and nobody wants you to change. But it's still one of those propositions you can't really refuse, because it was the possibility to do everything that was impossible at my old label.

He continued, 'I'm a total control freak. But I feel like the pressure has become almost more intense now that things are going better at Dior, because in the beginning everybody was just gonna hate it, and so there wasn't much to lose. But now that things are starting to lighten up and I'm much happier with how the collection is going, there's more pressure because I want the next one to always be better.'

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