Uma style: standing out from the crowd

While winter hasn’t quite relinquished its grip, the advent of longer days has at least given the impression that, finally, Spring has sprung. With this in mind, Uma have a variety of stylishly colourful and snazzy designs that reflect the more optimistic climate. From individual items to ensemble pieces, Uma offers something to catch everyone's eye.

Examples of Uma clothing

Uma clothing is readily identifiable to the keener fashion aficionado. Amongst the ranges currently on offer, there are many styles that reflect a common there – sophistication blended with casual confidence. The beauty of this clothing means that it is multi functional. A knitted slate grey tank-top, sleeveless and with delicate folds down the chest, could fit in just as well in a boardroom – perhaps worn with a pencil skirt – as with any trip to the coffee house during socialising.

Some designs take the classic Sixties two tone blend – 94% virgin wool white Merino blouse, contrasted with a black skirt. Others delight in applying a daring dash of lurid colour – perhaps striking ochre, or blends of pink and mauve.

Uma ware is also designed for more formal events, away from nine to five chic. A plaited dress is available in white, defining the contours of the wearer to devastating effect. Its blend of translucence and opacity is typical for Uma. While flesh is displayed at the arms and above the knees, the overall impression is of quiet – but sexy – sophistication. An outfit like this would be perfect for a special dinner – but perhaps not a wedding, as you would be in serious danger of upstaging the bride!

Good deals with Uma styles

If you love to use the power of the internet to enable online purchases, there are several stores where you’ll be able to track down Uma ware, often at exceptional prices. Latitude are offering a 50% discount on many Uma items. For example, a knitted tank top is now available at $227 (£143).

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