Ultimo lingerie celebrates 14th anniversary

Ultimo celebrated their 14th anniversary yesterday, September 5th.

Ultimo is one of the UK's leading designer lingerie brands and rose to fame thanks to its innovative use of silicone gel in its bras.

The brand was launched by Michelle MoneOBE in 1999, with her very first bra invention featuring the gel, the iconic ‘Miracle Solutions Plunge Bra’ – which became world famous after Julia Roberts showed off a very impressive cleavage in the award winning movie, Erin Brockovich.

Since its launch - the first Ultimo plunge bra was sold at Selfridges London - Ultimo has become one of the most famous lingerie brands in Europe thanks to its high-profile media campaigns and famous celebrity models.

The current faces for the brand is Argentine model Luisiana Lopilato and Melania Sykes – but past faces have included beauties like Lisa Snowdon, Kelly Brook, Mel B, Penny Lancaster, Rachel Stewart, Peaches Geldof, and Helena Christensen.

'I am so thrilled to be celebrating the brand’s 14th birthday. Ultimo has grown from a single, small idea into a heritage UK lingerie brand,' said founder Michelle Mone, 41 to the Daily Mail.

'I’m so proud of my team and excited about the year ahead, which is going to be enormous for Ultimo.'

'Ultimo launched with one bra concept and we have since had huge successes with other creations, including Ultimo Promise and the Backless Body. For me, our success is all down to the fact that we’re constantly striving to create that next incredible invention – paired with unrivalled fit and design.'

Ultimos range of plunge bras come in a choice of cup sizesstarting from an A cup bra through to a G cup braand just last month launched the new 'Adore Moi' collection worn by Melanie Sykes – which is said to be inspired by the elegance and sophistication of Paris.

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