UK Wags, Euro 2012: the most stylish

So once again, England have been put out of the Euros and once again, it happened on penalties. Despite a decent campaign, Italy proved too strong. But forget about the action on the pitch for now! We want to know who is the most stylish UK wag. Here are the UK wags, Euro 2012: the most stylish.

Alex Curran

Stevie G’s missus is one of the most stylish of all the wags. She always looks great and even writes a weekly style column for the Daily Mirror. She married Gerrard in 2007 and they have three children together, making her one of the country's yummiest mummies. Alex, a former nail technician, took her style to a new level by releasing a fragrance in 2007. Then in 2010 she released a fashion line and despite the cynicism from the press, it sold quite well. Stylish rating? 8/10!

Kimberly Crew

Joe Hart’s girlfriend Kimberly Crew looks amazing wherever she is snapped, whether she is shopping or watching the match in a casual outfit or dressed to impress at a posh function. Her wardrobe is simply amazing! Stylish rating? 8.5/10!

Melanie Slade

Theo Walcott’s fiancée Melanie Slade isn’t a fan of the wag tag. She made that clear when she appeared on the All-Star Mr and Mrs with Theo. Yet she seems to have a natural style and even designed a T-shirt for Cancer Research UK. Melanie's natural beauty and laid back style makes her a regular on the front cover of the glossies. Stylish rating? 7.5/10!

Coleen Rooney

Wayne Rooney’s wife Coleen is probably the most recognisable of all the wags at Euro 2012. She's penned style and lifestyle columns in both Closer and OK magazines, presented awards, hosted TV programmes, released exercise DVDs and written autobiographies. But Coleen's most famous for her glamorous styles and handbag collections. Stylish rating? 7/10!

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