Find uk plus size 1950s dresses

Finding uk plus size 1950s dresses can be challenging, women on the whole back in the 50's had a smaller frame and original dresses from that era were obviously made to fit the average woman of that time. It was post war and rations were still in place. There are, however, still stockists around that can cater to the larger lady with original uk plus size 1950s dresses.

Where to look for uk plus size 1950s dresses

As with most things that are obscure or not made today, Ebay is the first place to look. Many people clear out their wardrobes and sell off their old items after many years of having hid them away. Search options on Ebay allow you to type in your exact requirements including dress size, colour, length and era. Often though, dresses from the 1950's do not have specific sizes like we have today and you may have to rely on measurements to find the correct size.

Why choose uk plus size 1950s dresses

The shape of 1950's dresses, a nipped in waist, large skirt and often a halter neck bustline are perfect for ladies with a larger figure. The shape of a 50's dress pulls in at the waist to accenturate the shape of youe figure while a skirt with a petticoat hides a larger bum and hips. The top a fifties style dress works well for women with a large bust, a halterneck will support the bust and creates an attractive but not overly noticiable clevage. A belt and heels completes the 1950's look.

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