Uh-oh, Speedos back in vogue!

Scary news just in from bella Italia (or wherever it is that Speedos are still in vogue), the skimpy man-pants are back. The Daily Mail serves up a comedy of horrors photo gallery to demonstrate. First up, sartorial trail-blazer Rod Stewart sports a garish orange pair. Next up, 80s icon Simon Le Bon poses on a rock in a demure black 'costume'. Then it's over to Prince William to hammer the 'Speedos are cool!' message home. And just as we as were about to click as far from the queasy story as possible......

....enters a man who can blaze a bonkers trend (sarongs, mohicans to name but a couple) with his fashion-peepers closed: Becks. The golden-balled air kicker poses in a tiny white pair of Speedos that D or G no doubt personally hand-stitched for the god himself. And that people is all the evidence we need. Speedos are hot. Case closed. (No, not on you Rod, Simon and Wills...)

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