Dannii Minogue has caused a furore (actually it’s really more like a gentle gust of mild irritation, but furore sounds better) by criticizing girls who wear Ugg boots in public.

The singer made the comments whilst filming her new documentary, Style Queen, for ITV2. With cameras on hand to capture her every vital purchase, Dannii goes into a shop to buy some Uggs. She tells the camera ‘For me Uggs are slippers or wearing to the gym. In England everyone wears them out, which is quite disturbing.’

Her remarks have been criticized by some corners of the tabloid press for upsetting her Ugg-wearing fans. We appreciate this is a sensitive matter, and those fans will need some time to come to terms with her comments, but frankly Dannii Uggs are the least of our worries. Haven’t you heard about Wörishofers?

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