Ugg classic boots - give your feet the "feel good" factor!

Ugg classic boots are the signature product manufactured by Ugg. They are the generic sheepskin boot that comes in three lengths and various winter colours such as chestnut, grey and black. The Ugg classic is available as a short version, slightly longer than ankle length or the tall version comes to just below the knee and there's a mid calf model which is suitable for the more petite wearer.

The Ugg classic boot is called the classic because it's the original and best selling of the Ugg range. It can be worn as it's full length or can be turned down to display a furry cuff. These boots are made out of sheepskin so while they're breathable in summer, they keep you exceptionally warm in the winter.

These boots carry a high retail price in the high street stores and you can expect to pay around £150 for a pair of tall Ugg boots in the popular chestnut colour. However many online stores now sell discounted Ugg boots which promise massive savings.

eBay sellers currently have auctions on the classic Uggs with starting prices from only £39.99. The "buy it now" option sees Ugg boots being sold from £90 upwards and that does not include the postage costs.

Another site that promises Ugg boots for less is ugg-bootscheap.co.uk where instead of paying £210 for the classic Uggs in blue, you can buy them here for only £66.99. Before committing to buy from these sites, always check that they accept returns and use Paypal.

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