Ugg boots uk stockists - drop in or buy online? Decisions, decisions!

Ugg Boots UK stockists now advertise online as well as having a display in their stores. Online shopping has never been more popular so many retailers link their products to price comparison websites such as shoe-addict.co.uk. This site deals with top retailers such as Schuh and Cloggs so while the price might seem a bit steep, at least you know you're buying the genuine article!

The beauty of sites such as these is that it pulls up a listing of exactly what you're looking for, it shows you where it can be found and how much it will cost you. The price range can be surprising once you consider that it's different places stocking the same product! For example, the Ugg cardy boot starts at £99.95 from shudoo.co.uk but goes right up to £150 from K&Co! That's a considerable difference and why pay more if you don't have to?

Another of these price comparison sites is dealtime.co.uk and this is well worth a look. You can browse through 1,292 listings for Ugg products, link directly to the sellers website and order from there.  Many sites such as USC, John Lewis and House of Fraser all have merchandise featured here and, because it's such a competitive market, some even offer free postage within the mainland UK. Rubbersole have the tall classic Ugg boots advertised here for £190 plus free postage while Anna Davis has the Ugg boots Montclair in chestnut for £169.94 which includes the postage charge of £4.95.

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