'Two pairs of shoes' Allen

Now that we've just about recovered from the excitement of the wedding (yep, we're talking about our aunty Maureen's), our fashion lasers are now trained on Lily Allen's bash. What will she wear on her body and her feet? Well, let us tell you... the ex-singer has plumped for Chanel (well, obviously) and Robert Sanderson.

Allen told Vogue that Rupert Sanderson will craft her footwear, 'He's making me a pair of flats and a pair of heels, so I can run up and down hills. It's much chicer to have two pairs I think. I just really hope it doesn't rain.'

Of her everyday style choices, Lily said, 'It's up and down. The way I'm feeling really effects what I wear, my mood I mean. I basically put on whatever I think will make me feel happy that day.'

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