Introduction to Tufi Duek clothing label

Tufi Duek clothing label is loved across the world for its high fashion designs that draw their inspiration from the runway. Launched by the Brazilian fashion designer and creator Tufi Duek, the label enjoys an international following that spans across several brands. Top of the brand’s labels are Tufi Duek itself, Forum and Triton.


Tufi Duek’s main clothing line is Forum. Forum is one of the most popular jeanswear labels in Brazil. Outside Brazil Forum is marketed as Tufi Duek and sold in more than 150 stores in the US and hundreds more stores in the UK. Over the years, Forum has built a reputation in popular culture as one of the labels of choice with its simple, sharply cut designs that brilliantly utilise dark colour contrasts.


Triton was Tufi Duek’s second line of clothes. The line was introduced to explore the unique Brazilian flavour that is often characterised by bold expressions of sensuality. The Triton line targets young urban teens as well as the young at heart who are not afraid to express their sensuality and a hip lifestyle. The line stands out from the iconic pop culture look of Forum with its distinct sensual innuendos that have become a symbol of femininity.


Among the clothing items Tufi Duek is known for is its trendy night dresses and high quality denim. Fabrics for these and other clothing items include flirty silk, clingy viscose, chiffon, spandex and 100 percent natural cotton. This rich diversity of fabrics presents options for clothing material and ensures the needs of all customers are met.

Other items

Other Tufi Duek clothing items include brand dresses, jackets, skirts and shoes. These items ooze the relaxed and sexy appeal that Brazilian mode of life is famous for. From easy-wear evening dresses meant for an elegant night out to stylish tube tops, Tufi Duek designs offer customers a unique fashion style with a Brazilian twist that continues to grow in popular around the world.

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