Try new hairstyles with your GHD hair straighteners

GHD hair straighteners are an essential beauty item for most women, but do you get the most from yours? GHDs are about much more than just straightening your hair. You can easily achieve some great new looks to update your hair,with just a little practice and know-how. One of the best ways to create fun curls and waves in your hair is with a GHD.

For big bouncy waves – ideal for a big girls night out or even as a wedding hairdo – follow these steps for a perfect result.

1.      While wet, use some hair mousse to thicken hair and improve its texture. Mousse will also ensure your hair keeps its style as long as possible.

2.      Make sure your hair is completely dry before touching with the straighteners to minimise the damage.

3.      Separate your hair into sections, and starting with the front sections,  clamp the hair tightly at the root with the heated straighteners, moving the device along the hair smoothly and twisting up as you go down the hair shaft. Continually twisting the straighteners as you go is key to achieving a perfect curl as the heat fixes the style.

4.      As you reach the end of the hair, release the straighteners. Your hair should spring up lightly in a gentle curl. Use your fingers to loosen as necessary. To adjust the size of the curl, take more or less hair in the GHD as necessary. Once you have completed curling all of your hair, finish with a spray of quality long-lasting hairspray to set the style in place. Now go watch those heads turn with your new look!

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