Buy Trespass Zima - womens snow boot

Trespass Zima womens snow boot

Trespass Zima snow boots are a very stylish ladies snow boot that are fully waterproof with a faux leather and suede upper. They have a full lace-up front with the added security of a side zip, so you can easily get your feet both in and out of these fantastic looking boots, without having to untie your laces every time! These boots are a great addition to your skiing holiday as they will keep your feet extra warm and have added design features such as a faux fur lined edge to not only keep your feel cosy, but give your boots that design twist! so why not treat yourself and buy Trespass Zima womens snow boot and be the envy of everyone on the slopes!

The Trespass Zima snow boot is available from a range of stores online including the Trespass website.  You can purchase the Trespass Zima snow boot from Trespass online with the original embossed logo. These boots are available in a range of colours and have the faux fur lined collar all yours for just €47.92. If you want them to be delivered you could pay an extra £3.50, or spend over £50.00 and get your delivery for free!!

You might decide to shop for your boots from camping world where you can purchase these great boots from as little as £29.99. These boots are specifically designed to keep your feet warm and extremely comfortable, in the icy climates. These boots are available in white, brown and black and offer maximum stability for your feet.

If you want a hardwearing, practical and designer looking boot for a great price buy your Trespass Zima snow boots now, just don’t be surprised when everyone starts asking where you got them from!

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