Walk the Extra Mile in Your Trespass Snow Boots

Browse on Trespass (trespass.co.uk) that sells the Trespass brand of snow boots exclusively in addition to clothing and accessories. Get yourself a black Lara Womens Snow Boots for £58.12 or £50. This pair is waterproof and has a toggle that you can adjust for a snug fit. There are no cumbersome laces to tie or retie that make you stumble. And, the best part is you don't have to drag yourself around in unsightly boots. It is trendy and feels feathery yet has a good grip on snow and ice.

Opt for Dodo Unisex Snow Boots for €42.50 or £37 that could fit everyone in the family. Waterproof and lightweight, this footgear is going to keep your feet warm and dry on rainy, wintry days. Featuring a zipper closure, toggles, and velcro fastening, these boots are lined with fleece for added warmth and protection.

Try Trek Wear (trekwear.co.uk) that specialises in outdoor footwear and apparel. Surprise your hubby with a Trespass Furrow Mens Snow Boots for £24.95.

Buy your boys a Hi-Tec Snowplay Sport Boots for €44.95 that will keep them warm while roughing it up with friends in the snow or for skiing holidays. For your girls, get them the Hi-Tech Heavenly Sport boots for £29.95 in grey/pink decorated with furry tassels.

Your little kids will surely love these cute Frost Childrens Snow Boots that retail for £12.95 a pair. With 2 attractive colours to choose from, toddlers will enjoy walking and playing in the cold in these comfortable and warm shoes.

Consider Outdoor Gear 4 U (outdoorgear4u.co.uk) that offers a variety of branded clothing, footwear, and accessories that are going for a song. Try a pair of Fate Snow Boots that is 50% off its regular retail price of £30 and is now selling for £11.99. Trimmed with fur, this pair of boots has laces and rubber soles that will prevent you from skidding on wet and icy surfaces.

Why not get yourself a pair of stylish but reliable snow boots? Wearing a pair of Trespass snow boots is the best thing you can do to your feet this winter. It is lightweight, waterproof, and comfortable and insulates your lower extremities from the bitter cold.

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