Trespass snow boot - what you need to know



The Trespass brand came about in 1984 on the west coast of Scotland. This brand designs hardwearing clothing to be worn in any kind of weather and during any kind of outdoor activity - walking, climbing, snow sports and travelling, amongst other things. The brand aims to create clothing which is not only functional and durable but fashionable as well. The headquarters of Trespass is still located in Scotland, more specifically Glasgow, which is the perfect location for coming up with new products to keep the customer warm and dry in all weathers.


Trespass snow boot


Trespass has a range of snow boots designed for men, women and children. They are designed to be completely waterproof but still lightweight, and the thick fleece lining ensures that the feet of the wearer remain warm and dry no matter how long they are out in the snow. With fastenings such as zips, velcro and draw string toggles, it is possible to adjust the fit of the boot even when wearing gloves.


Where to get them


Trespass snow boots are available from a number of retailers. First and foremost, there is a chain of Trespass stores throughout the UK which stocks the full range of Trespass products. It is also possible to shop through the Trespass website (www.trespass.co.uk). Trekwear (www.trekwear.co.uk) is another online retailer which sells Trepass snow boots, as is Love & Piste (www.loveandpiste.co.uk). Love & Piste also has one shop near Loughborough where it is possible to hire the items required for your ski trip as well as buy them.

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