Fashion trends for winter 2012 2013

The new trends for winter 2012 2013 is an array of delightful things to watch out for. This year's winter look offer lots of choices for everyone from oversized coats and chic leather jackets to snappy stilettos and smart fedoras. Take your pick from voguish outfits and accessories to suit your tastes and styles.

What's brewing in the fashion world

In a nutshell, fashion trends for winter 2012 2013:


Trendy outerwear will still dominate the season in the form of bulky coats. Fur coats are available sourced from Arctic fox or raccoon. Get fashionable and choose from the myriad of coats on sale this winter embellished with wide or v collars, belts, cocoon backs or wide arms. Trench, sportive coats, leather jackets trimmed with shearling are still in, sold in various lengths. Long coats are also still there. Colours are predominantly shades of black, white, silver/grey, blue, and purple.

From coats with fasteners to those without, the selection of outerwear this year is enough to make you scratch your heads deciding which ones to buy. Vintage and modern styles are present in all these coats, so gear up and be prepared to make a choice.


Turtles are still in and so are cardigans and jumpers in different colours and patterns. These are stylish clothes that survived countless fashion seasons. Get going in hot evening gowns or a mid-knee length dress for a semi-formal occasion. Patterned trousers are also hot with different geometric designs. The much loved denim is still there in different cuts like the boot style, skinny jeans and straight cut. You’ll love to know that there will be different colours of denim with purple being predominant.


Emphasis is on the waist so grab your belts and don them. Whether it’s to hold together a bulky coat or to accentuate a slim waistline, belts are fabulous accessories for an equally fab dress.

There will be evening gowns, sheer and wrap dresses for both formal and informal occasions in print patterns.

What's a night out without an evening bag? You’ll find the classic clutch as the perfect accessory for a night out with friends in freezing weather.

There are enough choices of footwear for everyone this winter from classic booties and military boots to stylish pumps, killer stilettos and flat riding boots.

When it comes to make-up, glitter is predominant in lip shine, nail varnish, and eye-shadow to light up a drab winter or celebrate the festive season. Lastly, get the party going with a feather boa and a fedora hat for a touch of glamour.

Final cut

Hence, this year’s fashion trends for winter 2012 2013 is a mixture of the classic styles and a reinvention of existing fashion trends. There is plenty to choose from and now is a good occasion to stock, mix/match, upgrade or get a new wardrobe. Which ones would you go for once these styles hit the stores?

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