Trends to watch out for in 2008

If you want a quick snapshot of the year ahead, look no further. We have several treats in store for 2008 - it should prove to be interesting for the film and music industry, as well as close attentions focused on china for the Beijing Olympics. Here are a few tips on what to watch out for:

Calvin Klein celebrates 40 years in the fashion industry.
The colour pink. Bright, fuchsia pink.
The Roman footwear look in summer. Get the togas out.
Jewellery and lots of it.
The sailor girl/boy look.

The 80th Academy Awards touches down this year so keep an eye on the Oscars.
Sweeney Todd - Johnny Depp
There will be Blood - Daniel Day Lewis
No Country for Old Men

Skin + Bones exhibition at Somerset House, exploring the links between fashion and architecture.
Beijing Olympics will spark a revival in all things Chinese.

The Jaguar XF Saloon, designed by Ian "Aston Martin" Callum and out in March.

Yingying - this year's Hello Kitty, the antelope is an Olympic mascot and will be seen everywhere.

Adele - the 19 year old will be experiencing Lily Allen style success in 2008
Parisian pop - French MySpace phenomenon the Teenagers release their first album in March, along with glamorous Parisienne rapper Uffie and female threesome Yelle. French music is entering mainstream cool in the UK this year.

Let us know what else you'd add to the list!

(Image: Sweeney Todd, from YouTube)

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