Trend Alert: Cowboy Chic

It’s time to dust off your Stetson and dig out your neckerchiefs y’all, as the cowboy trend is set to be a big look for summer 2011. Blue denim, cowboy boots and checked shirts all made appearances on the catwalks this season and the highstreet has been quick to catch on to the rodeo bandwagon.

Ralph Lauren’s Spring Summer 2011 show was heavy on the tan suede and white shirts with big belt buckles and whilst Moschino went mad for the Stetson. It’s a simple look to carry off, providing you don’t go too crazy – think Emmylou Harris on a day off, rather than rhinestone-clad Dolly Parton in onstage mode.

The Daily Mail suggests making a nod to the trend, rather than going all-out, lest it ends up looking like cowboy fancy dress. They say: ‘Team a plain white or cream blouse with a floral skirt and a chunky belt for the country casual cowgirl look.’ Top Shop has a range of denim gilets that would be perfect for the look, and French Connection has some great silk blouses that give the look a contemporary twist.

Complete the look by chewing on a blade of grass and tipping your hat at bus drivers, newsagents, colleagues etc. They’ll catch on.

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