Travel hotspots for 2008

There's a host of new cities emerging as travel hotspots for 2008. Here's a snapshot of where you'll be heading for a break:

1) Berlin
Fast emerging as the European capital of cool, a combination of funky hotels, top bars and underground nightlife is turning the German city into a veritable banquet for urban hipsters. And it's still well priced so you get a lot for your money - be it accommodation, food or fun.

2) Istanbul
Low cost airlines are now flying there and the city is experiencing a gastronomical revolution. For some Near Eastern experiences, this will be a huge hotspot for the long weekend away lovers.

3) Bejing
Head to China for the experience of a lifetime - with more flights than ever and a fast growing tourist industry, Bejing is the answer to your hunt for something a little different.

4) Liverpool
No, we're not joking. Check out the city that's won the European Capital of Culture accolade for 2008. Stereotypes aside, there's never been a better time to explore this town.

5) Isfahan, Iran
The the jewel of the Islamic world has the stunning Sheikh Lotfollah mosque which is a must see.

Check them out before booking your next break!

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