Tracking down Arctic snow boots

Winter is round the corner: buy Arctic snow boots now!

With those summer holidays long behind it’s time to focus on winter vacations, which is why now is the time to be considering Arctic snow boots. The very name conjures protective clothing you can rely on to keep feet reliably cosy. If they’re good enough for the Arctic, they’ll be perfect for ski resorts in the Scottish Highlands, or the European continent.

Whether you intend skiing or snowboarding, or simply enjoying the great outdoors during the year’s coldest spells, a trusty pair of Arctic snow boots is essential.

Where to purchase Arctic snow boots

Many outlets are currently offering excellent deals for their winter footwear. One of the world’s most extensive online websites, eBay (www.ebay.co.uk) is a great place to start searching for Arctic snow boots. Just pop those three words into the site’s search engine, and a whole range of new, tagged products will present themselves. A typical entry is for adult Arctic snow boots, retailing at £29.99 (£4.95 postage). The ‘buy it now’ option is available, so no fraught bidding required!

If you want to go a bit more up-market, try zalando (www.zalando.co.uk). Amongst their tailored footwear range is the ‘Joan of Arctic Snow Boot, terrific-looking boots with textile lining and a high quality synthetic sole. The boot height is 13”, meaning they will keep your feet well insulated while you trudge through all that snow. These boots retail at £145, with free shipping.

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