Topshop Spring Summer 2014: all the trends

In this post we take a closet look at Topshop Spring Summer 2014 trends: the New Monochrome, Kiss me Margate, Skate Away and Tokio Bloom collections are some of the trendiest ranges for the upcoming SS 2014. Whatever your taste, Topshop is ready to make you coolest this summer. Read on and find out.

New Monochrome, Kiss me Margate and Skate Away

Watch out for the Topshop 2014 trends: everything you need to be spot on trend in the upcoming warm season is in one of these ranges. Let's take a closer look.

The New Monochrome collection features monochrome black or white and gingham, minimal designs for a clean cut style perfect for a daytimeor evening, ever impeccable look. It includes white wedge shoes by Guess, trendy jumpsuit and innovative concepts such as the Leather Runner Shorts, rigorously in black.

On the other end of the spectrum is the Kiss me range: youthful and playful, it is composed of pastel colours, fresh unwashed denim. The lines are carachterized by an old school touch: simple designs that lightly recall the 80s, like the supersoft sweat and tees with prints, or a more vintage 50s-60s style revised in afluo-pop version, like the pink midi skirt with button through. Special feature of this line of the collection are the Margate Double Geek Shoes, bukle or T-bar in patent leather.

Trendy tomboys will love the Skate Away range, which is all about oversized and comfortable, effortless cool. Slogan sweaters, laid-back denim and oversized checked shirts are matched with minimal, cutting edge jewellery like the transparent bracelet in yellow and gold look chain links inside, or the gold look necklace with cut out rectangle.

Tokio Bloom

Least but not last, the exclusive Tokio Bloom selection, part of the Topshop Spring Summer 2014 trends.

This range comprises a Bodycon dress with Tokyo flower bud print, the Tokyo Flower Shirt, a short sleeve shirt in all over monochrome flowerprint and the Navy Tokyo Flower Skirt, a lovely mini with multicoloured floral embroidery.

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